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Want to be in my gang, sorry Crowd?

July already! Where does the time go? Time for my monthly blog. It’s rare for me to blog more often for two reasons. One I don’t want to be a pain in the neck – bombarding you with rubbish like, I had to take the cat to the vet yesterday to have a boil on its head lanced – and two, sometimes it’s difficult to write about something relevant to my writing. Writing a novel is a slow process. Well today there is some news, and it involves you too.

Crowd Funding.

I’ve ummed-and-arred about this for months. Should I, shouldn’t I? I decided to do it – thousands do, so why not me? So to cut to the chase, here’s the link for my campaign to raise funding to enable my debut novel professionally edited and have a graphic-artist design the eBook and print covers. If you know anyone who can do these, please let me know.

My target also includes the cost of printing a limited edition of hard and paper-back books for my supporters.

I’ll not take up any more of your time, so hop over to the Indiegogo page to see how, if you wish, you can help.

Or take a peek at the latest version of Chapter One from my debut novel Why? Why – Chapter One  Yes the working title has changed again. You might have known it as Crosier’s Progress, or Searching for Closure. But I listen to those who make constructive comments, so now it’s Why?

Thanks in advance,



Crowd Funding

Hello Everyone,

Well, the title of this blog is a well-used term, but it is wrong surely? I’m not donating money to a crowd. I’m hoping a crowd, most complete strangers to me and each other, will fund some of the costs of getting my debut novel published.

I’ll let you know in the next few days when you can become a member of this elite crowd.

You’ll get something for your $$$s too: Perks. No, not Perks-Must-Be-About-It as in the Railway Children, played wonderfully by Bernard Cribbins – not forgetting the delightful Jennifer Agutter … oh my. Do you remember that scene towards the end of the 1970 film?  – you know, the one where the mist and steam gradually clear to reveal Bobby’s father.

There’s mist and steam right at the start of Chapter One in my novel. Except my train doesn’t slowly disappear; just the opposite. It comes dashing like a mad-thing from the mist to kill, scores. But I digress.

Consider your $$$s as advance orders. And just what Perks you can have, I’ll tell you about very soon.

Thanks for your time,