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Transport Secretary about to cock up.

I don’t normally blog about things that are not directly connected to my novel – still, alas, in the making. But to the thousands who are following my blog – slight exaggeration – I have gone political on this one. And it is to do with trains.

The UK Transport Secretary, Justine Greening, looks like she’s going to sign the West Coast contract with 1st Group, despite all the objections raised by those who understand the risks associated with this deal. In her BBC TV Breakfast show interview – where, incidentally, she ducked several questions put to her – she states that the contract bidding process is fair. That may be true, even if flawed.

What I do question, is the ability on the govt’ side to make a wise decision. Their track record so far isn’t wonderful. Exactly the same bunch of idiots that let the East Coast route go to the wall TWICE, by the same selection process, is now praying that ‘jam tomorrow’ – or in 13 years, to be more precise! – is a fair risk.

But I suspect the jam will have gone mouldy by then, and the tax payer will not like its taste.

There, that wasn’t full of junk, was it.


Many are called, but few deliver. And, I got very wet!

This is not about being called up in wartime. It’s far less sinister and definitely nothing to be frightened about.
What is it? Simple: it’s a review of my ebook, My Thai Eye, and the reviewer – who shall remain anonymous, no it isn’t me – is a respected author of crime novels set in Asia. I thank him for the honest review, and post it here because it encapsulates so well, some of my feelings about Thailand.
Here it is …….

There’s something about Thailand that causes hordes of otherwise perfectly sensible people to decide, whatever their role in life has been up to the time they discover that odd little country, that they are really writers. That wouldn’t be such a worry, but then most of these folks actually go out commit their every thought about the place to paper for the rest of us to read.

The sad result is that most of the sort of stuff that gets published about Thailand is — let’s face it — a serious squandering of dead trees. But every now and then somebody comes along who delivers a collection of writings that are actually worth reading. One of those collections is MY THAI EYE.

In this modest volume, Mr. Tipple delivers a congenial ramble through the oddities and wonders of a delightful little country better known for massage parlors and sex tourism than much of anything else. And that’s a shame. Read MY THAI EYE and you’ll know, and understand, more about Thailand than a good slice of the foreigner who visit there. And you will have had a darn good time learning about it, too.

You can find this on, should you not believe me – an author telling lies. Come on!

It couldn’t have come at a happier time, for today is Songkran: the Thai New Year, in the middle of one of Thailand’s hottest months.  And Songkran – the water festival – highlights so many Thai juxtapositions, which make it so interesting a country. Songkran has changed a lot from its origin. Respect to your elders shown by placing small drops of water, scented with flower petals, about their shoulders still goes on.

But today, the ‘baptism’ of water is … well, it’s huge. It is impossible to walk along the street without being drenched by Thais chucking water over you – often near freezing – from the backs of passing pick-up trucks. They are happy, it’s just the way Thais are. And you are happy too, because you get to cool down, a little.

I have to say, its been one of our happiest days here. It’s so good humoured, and for that reason alone, is unlikely to be replicated in the western world.

And the juxtapositions? There are too many for this short blog, but here’s two …

  • last year over 2,000 died on the roads. Already there are rumours that a third of that figure has been reached!
  • And in Hua Hin, the water supply is almost dried up. What better way to use what’s left.

Ebook Publishing Quick Reference Give-away by Gary McLaren

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Happy reading,

Edwin Tipple

Author in the making

February 2012

You’ve no doubt had someone say to you, ‘you should write a book.’ Several people said that to me over the last ten years. Flattered, well yes! The only problem was what to write about? I hated English classes at school – hated school generally to be honest. I’d probably forgotten more than I ever knew about grammar, tense and punctuation. I could do verbs, nouns and adjectives I thought, but a participle? That only provided an degree of mirth; my dad’s name being Percy Tipple. I rarely read anything other than car maintenance manuals, or electronics magazines or articles connected with work.

So what happened? Why do I want to write now? For starters, I’ve read lots of books over the last twenty years and enjoyed them. The more I read, the more I wanted to read. I knew which authors left me cold and those who worked for me, eager to read their latest. Visit to see my favourite authors.

When I retired three years ago, we spent a lot of time in Thailand, especially over the winters. I began to write short articles about living here mainly for the benefit of those back home: perhaps to reassure them that we were alright living in Asia. Those early scrawlings were loaded with errors; all the things I’d forgotten about. But I enjoyed doing them.

In January I self-published them – without the errors – as a short e-book on Smashwords and Amazon, under the title of My Thai Eye, a wry look at things Thai. And they’re selling, not in vast numbers – I didn’t expect they would – but selling. I  did this for a number of reasons;

  • It would raise some money for Thai flood relief: I have chosen a book library Plan for Kids a childrens’ charity. Seemed fitting as so many were destroyed,
  • It would help to get my name ‘out there’,
  • I would gain experience at placing my own work in e-book stores and to learn how it all worked.

But My Thai Eye is done with now, apart from the marketing, such as this – which I think I’ll enjoy – and checking from time to time to see how sales are going – which I might not. As part of my marketing, I designed & built my own website – and the cover for My Thai Eye – so gradually I’m learning quite a lot about more about publishing. I haven’t done this alone and want to thank all of the Clouders at The Writers’ Workshop – the best on-line community for new writers – and their editors who nicely but firmly pointed me in the right direction. Plus David Gaughran – you should visit his site Let’s Get Digital if you want to e-pub, where he passes on his experiences.

So, what now? What to write about next? Two years ago I had no idea. Then one balmy evening, I had that eureka moment. I knew what my first novel would be about. And I’ll tell you all about it over the coming months.

Edwin Tipple

February 2555 in Thailand

2012 elsewhere