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Dear Old Auntie

I’ve been very worried about Auntie, of late. She’s one of my favourites for sure. But it seems that the older she gets, the more blundering about she does. It’s easily done; I can walk from one room into the next then wonder why I’m in there, having completely forgotten why I made the journey in the first place. It comes to us all eventually.

But Auntie, once my employer too, is loosing her grip. And she’s washing her bloomers in public – very embarrassing for those who once loved her.

I refer of course to the BBC and her two Newsnight cock-ups in a row. And, it seems to me, the trust – who who is supposed to keep an eye on her – is blundering too. As I understand it, Entwhistle quit,  did the right thing and fell on his sword, fatally wounding his position as Director General. Good man. Why can’t more people be like him?

The trust however has breathed new life into him. Hurried mouth-to-mouth resuscitation in the form of a years pay seems to have brought about his rapid recovery. Entwhistle – who should be in the Guinness Book of Records as the shortest serving DG – is now miraculously fit enough to be helping the BBC with its enquiry into the failings of its Newsnight’s editorial control. At 450,000 smackers, it’s not bad work if you can get it. Not so good a man now.

I’d happily do it for 10% of the price. After all, it can’t be that difficult for him, having already worked for that programme, can it? I’d like to ask Chris, the BBC’s chairman, if this is the patten of things to come for dear old Auntie?


Many are called, but few deliver. And, I got very wet!

This is not about being called up in wartime. It’s far less sinister and definitely nothing to be frightened about.
What is it? Simple: it’s a review of my ebook, My Thai Eye, and the reviewer – who shall remain anonymous, no it isn’t me – is a respected author of crime novels set in Asia. I thank him for the honest review, and post it here because it encapsulates so well, some of my feelings about Thailand.
Here it is …….

There’s something about Thailand that causes hordes of otherwise perfectly sensible people to decide, whatever their role in life has been up to the time they discover that odd little country, that they are really writers. That wouldn’t be such a worry, but then most of these folks actually go out commit their every thought about the place to paper for the rest of us to read.

The sad result is that most of the sort of stuff that gets published about Thailand is — let’s face it — a serious squandering of dead trees. But every now and then somebody comes along who delivers a collection of writings that are actually worth reading. One of those collections is MY THAI EYE.

In this modest volume, Mr. Tipple delivers a congenial ramble through the oddities and wonders of a delightful little country better known for massage parlors and sex tourism than much of anything else. And that’s a shame. Read MY THAI EYE and you’ll know, and understand, more about Thailand than a good slice of the foreigner who visit there. And you will have had a darn good time learning about it, too.

You can find this on, should you not believe me – an author telling lies. Come on!

It couldn’t have come at a happier time, for today is Songkran: the Thai New Year, in the middle of one of Thailand’s hottest months.  And Songkran – the water festival – highlights so many Thai juxtapositions, which make it so interesting a country. Songkran has changed a lot from its origin. Respect to your elders shown by placing small drops of water, scented with flower petals, about their shoulders still goes on.

But today, the ‘baptism’ of water is … well, it’s huge. It is impossible to walk along the street without being drenched by Thais chucking water over you – often near freezing – from the backs of passing pick-up trucks. They are happy, it’s just the way Thais are. And you are happy too, because you get to cool down, a little.

I have to say, its been one of our happiest days here. It’s so good humoured, and for that reason alone, is unlikely to be replicated in the western world.

And the juxtapositions? There are too many for this short blog, but here’s two …

  • last year over 2,000 died on the roads. Already there are rumours that a third of that figure has been reached!
  • And in Hua Hin, the water supply is almost dried up. What better way to use what’s left.

Thanks from, My Thai Eye

A stonking great thank you, to everyone who bought a copy of my eBook, My Thai Eye. If you haven’t got round to it yet, here’s a reminder of where you can track it down and remember, you don’t have to have an eReader to see it! Smashwords have it in all formats.

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Your contribution will help the children’s libraries which were badly damaged in the Thai floods last year.

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