Knowing over 100 people is not enough

Back in July, I posted about my intention to crowd fund for my debut crime novel. This is part of what I said then …

July already! Where does the time go? Time for my monthly blog. It’s rare for me to blog more often because writing a novel is a slow process. Well today there is some news, and it involves you, too.

Crowd Funding.

I’ve ummed-and-arred about this for months. Should I, shouldn’t I? I decided to do it – thousands do, so why not me? So to cut to the chase, here’s the link for my campaign to raise funding to enable my debut novel to be professionally edited and have a graphic-artist design the eBook and print covers. 

So I went ahead and started my campaign. I was attempting then, to raise $4,850 to allow me to pull off this mammoth task by October. That’s now just 2 month away!

I looked at similar campaigns, before setting up my own, to see what other successful campaigners did. Many in the writing category have raised thousands of dollars above their target. Others seemed to raise thousands of dollars for some, seemingly at first, very odd causes. A man in Australia sat on a toilet for 3 days and raised loads more dollars than he was hoping for within the first week. A campaign in Vancouver has so far raise 65,000 dollars more than the target, and it’s only half way through. Neither of these campaigns were for writing, the first was for clean water in Africa, the second for maltreated animals.

So what happened with my campaign? Very little. My dream has not worked out, though there are still 13 days to run. So far the there’s $250 in the pot, less costs of 9%. Why? Why has Why? – the current working title for my novel – not worked out, despite comparable perks in successful campaigns .

I think the answer is simply that I don’t know enough people. Catch 22, eh. The more you know, the more chance of support.

So what can be done? What can you do? The answer is simple. Tell everyone you know who likes a good read and wants to help new writers, to visit to see if they’re interested to join in.

I have reduced my target to $1,000 having found an editor who doesn’t charge the earth, yet does a good job. And I think I’ll have success to with a cover design, which having dabbled, I might even do myself. If $1,000 is raised, I can crack-on and get eBooks out in October – the relevance of this you’ll see if you visit my campaign – but print copied will be into next year.

Thanks for reading. Now go tell somebody.


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