What is DI Crosier up to?

Answer: searching for an editor. He’s approached a few for samples of their work so, he said, “he can choose who to have mauling his words”. It’s a very sensitive issue for him, I’ve been warned, so I dare not say too much!

Not content with that, he’s casting around for book cover designers too.

He wants to have his novel Why? out as an eBook in October. ‘Why?’ I said, ‘what’s wrong with next year?’

‘Because it’s the 6oth anniversary of England’s worst train wreck,’ he reminded me. ‘There’s no way a publisher can respond in that time, even if they wanted too. But with the technology you have at your fingertips, well everything is possible.’

I was very impressed with his far-sightedness. After all, there’s Crosier bumbling about in 50s & 60s – when faxes hadn’t been invented, let alone iPads – yet he knows about eBooks; truly remarkable!

‘If the Queen is celebrating 1952,’ he banged on, ‘then so will I. And mark it with my book, to boot.’

Then he said, rather uncharacteristically I thought, ‘If the Queen wants to tour the nation doin’ her Jubilee thing, why don’t she run about with that Olympic thing?’

‘What Olympic thing?’

‘The candle,’ he says.

‘You mean torch. Well,’ I said, ‘at least she could set fire to your book with it,’ but I have to admit, that remark didn’t go down to well with Mr C.

He gets a bit protective about it between you and me. Not surprising really; he’s been at it for nearly three years, causing me to spend a small fortune on ink-jet cartridges.

What’s more, being an ambitious railway detective, he wants limited editions in print out in November/December, quote “in time for the Christmas rush!” Very ambitious I thought.

Not only that, he’s insisting I crack-on with marketing it too. Then he says, ‘If that er, Whots-his-name, you know, James bloke can run around the globe floggin’ his book, the least you can do for me, Ed, is write a few blogs for me.’


‘I lad, that’s ‘im.’

He doesn’t want much, does he? He’ll not give up, though he still can’t do it all himself. He’s got me working my backside off. Here’s how you can hep him, no ME!

Visit http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/123677?a=710539 where you can find all the details. And there’s lots Perks there too for you to choose from, though between you and me, he said he wants to keep some for himself – cheeky monkey I told him.

Must get back to it, no rest for the wicked – that’s the villains in his damn book, not me. I’m ever so nice.


PS Now he’s wondering about another name change; Aftermath. That will be the forth title; oh God, when will he stop?


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  1. Liz tipple on

    Keep going sweetie you will get there in the end. I like your book and so will others when they read it.

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